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Fantasies without trauma

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You’ve answered my reply about sexual fantasies and I noticed the.padt trauma!! I don’t have past trauma what do I do!? How did I make them stop!! 


Hi and welcome to Ask Alex,

Thank you for coming back to us and reaching out for further support in dealing with a very difficult situation. 
So, you have previously been in contact with Ask Alex regarding sexual assault and rape fantasies and thoughts, which are something you don’t want to have but keep experiencing. It would have been previously mentioned that undergoing therapy may be a good option to focus on finding the root cause and positive coping mechanisms for these thoughts. Having a conversation with a professional will provide you with an opportunity to delve into these fantasies/thoughts, allowing you to explore them in detail and potentially reduce their intensity and frequency. By talking to a professional, you’ll have a safe space for support and advice in addressing this difficulty.
If you are still waiting for therapy, it may be helpful to remind yourself that these thoughts/fantasies, no matter how distressing, will pass. Allowing your mind to recognise that although distressing, these thoughts are temporary can provide some relief. 
It can also be useful to distract yourself when you feel these thoughts arising. Engage in activities that you enjoy, and when you start to think about the uncomfortable experience, try to redirect your focus onto the activity. These activities can be anything from art or knitting to gaming, whatever helps reduce the frequency of the unwanted thoughts/fantasies.
It is so important that you are supported and that you have an outlet in which you can look to why this is happening for you and maybe looking back on when it started could give you support around that. How much of an impact is this having on your daily routine?? It is vital that if this is having a negative affect on your mental health that you are supported. If you have a trusted adult in your life that you can reach out to and can support, you in finding a support network that is going to guide you. You can reach out to your GP who could guide you on supports that would be in place for your own Mental Health support. 
You can also speak with our Childline team either by phone at 1800 666 666 or via Live Chat on our website You can have a full conversation on what this experience is like that you are going through, and you will be listened to and supported. The services are open 24-hours every day. You can get in touch any time, for any reason.
Please take care of yourself and continue reaching out for support.

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