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Every day hurts so bad

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Pat i want to fucking die Every day it hurts so bad 


Hi welcome to Ask Pat, 

We are very concerned to hear that you want to die. If you are feeling suicidal right now, you can contact the emergency services at 999 or 911. Or if you would like us to contact the Gardaí for you, you can get through to us at our other services; by freephone at 1800 66 66 66, through our free text service 50101 or by web chat through our website

Our feelings and thoughts are critical to us and so too is how we manage those thoughts and feelings. If you are not feeling that you are going to kill yourself right now, is there a trusted adult that you can chat to? Talking to someone does help. You have the right to access medical help and support for the suicidal thoughts you are having. It is important for you to find out what is making you feel this way and to learn ways to help you cope when you are having these thoughts.  

The Childline services are open twenty-four hours a day, every day. The service does not judge you; we do not tell you what to do but we are here to listen to you, and to support you and to help you look at options that may be available to you. Each child and young person’s call are important to us. We do not trace calls or use caller ID, so talking to us at Childline is a safe place for you to chat about whatever is going on for you. We understand that it may be difficult to talk, especially the first time, and that is ok. We are here for you whenever you are ready to get in touch with us.   

There are also other organizations who specialize in helping people who are on a similar journey to yours. and are just two, you may find some support if you reach out to them.   

Please remember, you are not on your own, Childline is here for you. 

Take care of yourself, 


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