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Do you save mobile numbers when we use text service?

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Do you save mobile numbers when we use text service


Hi, welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for getting in touch.  

You have asked a very important question. We take both your safety and security very seriously here at Childline. 

The simple answer to your question is no. Since we don’t have any way of tracing your number when you make a call, we would not be able to save it. 

We will go through with you what happens when you contact us at Childline whether it’s a call, web chat or text. Whenever anyone gets in touch with us, your phone call, text, and webchat are completely private and safe. What this means for you is that we cannot trace phone numbers or IP addresses. 

You are very welcome to look at the policy which is located on our home page under Privacy. The policy is easy to access and to understand. On our website,, you are also most welcome to look at the online safety section. Again, this will go through with you what happens with your communication, and the circumstances under which we would ask you for any personal information. 

Thank you so much for asking such an important question, and we hope you take the time to read our privacy policy and the online section on safety. 

Remember, we are always here if you’d like a chat or to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us online via webchat – – or text, 50101 or phone 1800 66 66 66. 

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