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Could I have social anxiety

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I feel like I have social anxiety and/or depression but I’m not sure if I’m overreacting? Sometimes I just can’t get out of bed or off my phone. And whenever I’m out with my friends I sometimes feel anxious and nauseous. I feel like im not allowed to have social anxiety and depression though and Im not trying to self diagnose but I did a little test online and it said I might have it. 


Hi there and welcome to Ask Alex,
Thanks so much for reaching out with your question. We understand that talking about what’s going on for you can be difficult, so thanks for taking the first step.
It sounds like you’re wondering if you have social anxiety or depression, as sometimes you can’t get out of bed, feel anxious with your friends, and have taken an online test that suggests you might have these conditions.
There are some articles available that explore what anxiety and depression are. You can find them here: and Having some trusted information can help us make better decisions and choices.
You mentioned that you did an online test, is that right? The main thing to remember is that an online test is based on some questions about us, rather than having lots of information about all areas of our life. If you feel that you have anxiety or depression, it’s important that you see a GP. A GP will be able to discuss this with you and refer you to the most appropriate services to support you.
Have you been able to talk to anyone about how you are feeling? Sharing how you feel with an adult you trust can be really important. They will be able to support you and help you go to the GP and access other supports.
There are also some really useful websites that provide lots of advice and information to help with the way you’re feeling. You can get information at Jigsaw –, Spunout, or at the HSE
You can also contact us here at Childline if you’d like to chat a bit more about how you’re feeling. We offer a free non-judgmental listening service that’s available 24/7. You can contact us on the phone at 1800 66 66 66 or by Live Chat at
We hope you have found this helpful. Remember, you do not have to go through this on your own, we are here for you always.
Take care of yourself,

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