In Ireland you must be over the age of 17 to legally give sexual consent.

What does it mean to give consent?

Giving sexual consent means that you willingly agree, without being put under pressure, forced, scared, drunk, or on drugs, to be involved in sexual activity such as touching, taking naked pictures or having sexual intercourse.

Communication is extremely important when it comes to consent. In order to keep everyone safe and happy, have a chat about what you and your partner want or don’t want to do.

There are some important things to know about consent before you have a sexual relationship with someone:

Things to remember

Everyone has the right to feel safe, happy and comfortable in a relationship.

You have the right to say no if you are not comfortable with a situation.

No one has the right to hurt or force another person to do something they don’t want to do.

Nobody should ever do something sexual without your full consent.

It is important to respect the other person’s decisions and if they don’t want to do something, it’s important to support them and not make them feel pressured or guilty.

Support is available

You have the right to support and to talk about what is going on for you. Is there a trusted adult you can talk with about what’s happening and how you’re feeling? Childline is always here for you. You can talk with Childline for free and in confidence at any time.

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