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Is it possible for a child to change their second name? If it is possible, then how do you change your second name? I want to change my second name but I dont know

My second name comes from my Dad’s side but I want to take my second name from my Mum’s side because he abused my siblings and I. I’m not comfortable with having this second name, every time I hear the name on roll call at school it makes me feel sick and reminds me of things I want to forget.

My parents aren’t divorced, he still lives with us (its a complicated situation) so will that have an impact on me changing my name? Is it even possible for me to legally change my second name? I very clueless on this topic

A confused 14 year old

From Pat / 20 Jan 2020


Welcome to Ask Pat.

The surname of a child can be changed in the Register of Births but only in certain circumstances. However, the surname of a child can also be changed by deed poll or common usage.

Children aged between 14 and 17 years can execute the Deed Poll themselves but need the consent of both parents. Where a child is under the age of 14 years, one of the child’s parents must execute the Deed Poll with the consent of the other parent.

For more information log onto the Citizens advice website and put in the following link:

We would be very concerned to hear that your dad abused you and your siblings. It sounds like things have been very difficult for you at home. It is important that you get some help and support around this.

You have a right to be safe and a right to tell if you are being or have been hurt in any way.

Childline is always here to listen and to support you. You can call Childline on 1800 66 66 66 (24 hours a day), text Childline on 50101 (10am – 4am every day) or chat with Childline online on this website (10am – 4am every day).

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