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Can my brother have sex with me

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Is it okay for my brother to try to have sex with me 


Hi there,

Welcome to Ask Alex, You have been very brave asking this question.  

It’s deeply concerning to hear that your brother is attempting to engage in sexual activity with you. Nobody has a right to touch or do anything to you without your consent.  

If your brother’s behaviour involves attempting sexual activity with you, it constitutes abuse. Sexual abuse is where someone uses you for their own sexual gratification or arousal. Is this what you mean when you said “try to have sex with me”? Here is an article that explains sexual abuse, which may be helpful for you

Do you have someone in your life you feel comfortable talking to about this? It is important that you are supported in seeking help in your situation. How well do you get on with your parents? Do you have any other adults in your family that you could talk to about this? Additionally, you could talk to someone in your school or after-school activity. 

If your brothers wrongful behaviour continues, t is important that you and your family receive help and support in ending it and healing from it. You can report the abuse to Túsla – Child and Family Agency in Ireland If you are ever feeling unsafe at home , you can call the emergency services for free at 999 or 112

If you are unsure about your brother’s treatment of you, you can call Childline for free on 1800 66 66 66 or chat with us at through Live Chat It is understandable if all this feels scary and overwhelming, but you can chat about your options with Childline and if you wanted, we can make the report on your behalf.

Childline is open 24-hours a day, every day. There is somebody waiting to talk or chat with you, whenever you are ready. You can be assured your call will be confidential unless you choose to give us identifiable information about yourself .

Look after yourself, and please reach out soon, so this abuse can stop,


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