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Can I get support for past issues

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I really want to talk to someone about my issues but because none of my issues are at present and have happened in the past, I feel like I can’t get support because they aren’t current. If that makes any sense… 


Hi there and thank you for contacting Ask Alex.  

Firstly, can we say how brave and self-aware you are for acknowledging that you need to talk and get the support you need.  

It sounds like there are things that have happened in the past that you would like to talk about but worry they are not relevant because they’re not happening today. How would you feel if we were to say that lots of young people and adults speak with their therapists and/or wider circle about the things that have happened in their past. Sometimes, difficult things happen, and we struggle to cope with it by ourselves.  

By the sounds of it, you may have been thinking about this decision for quite some time and you deserve some relief. It can really help to talk about what is going on for us – whether it is a family member, friend, teacher, qualified professional. It is another option to reach out to an organisation that can offer you direct support where you can talk about your feelings on what happened in the past.  

If you are 16 and over, you can attend your local GP where they can make a referral to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). If you are under 16 your guardian will need to accompany you to the GP. Your GP may also advice you of other services that can support you. 

If ever you need to talk about it and you don’t know who to go to, know Childline is here for you. The Team will listen and support you whenever you need too 24/7. You can call us at 1800 66 66 66 or use the live chat on our website  You do not have to go through this on your own, we are here to support you.

Take care of yourself, we hope you get the support you deserve. 


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