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To Pat / 07 Mar 2020

Topic: Can I get arrested

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Can I get arrested for logging into someone’s account?

From Pat / 09 Mar 2020


Welcome to Ask Pat,

It sounds like you are concerned if you can be arrested if you log into someone else’s account. This is an understandable concern that you would have the right to talk to someone you support around. We would be unable to answer your question directly however just so you know you would never be arrested unless you have or are suspected of breaking a law. 

It might also be helpful for you to explore your question about this further. You can contact Childline on 1800 66 66 66 to talk about this question and any other things that are on your mind. You can also contact our text service at 50101 or our webchat service, through this website. Childline are here to listen and support and to help you to explore the options that are available to you in your life, to help you in a way that suits you best.

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