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Receiving exam results

It is natural to feel a whole range of emotions in the lead-up to receiving exam results, on the day itself and afterwards.
A student writes on paper in an exam


If you are waiting to receive your Leaving Certificate results, or if you have taken other exams, you might feel excited about what lies in store.

You might also feel nervous, anxious, stressed, or you might not have any of these feelings.


Your Results

Your results and your feelings are unique to you and may be different to those of your friends or classmates.

After you receive your results, it can be helpful to avoid too much analysis of the exams and instead be kind to yourself and do something you enjoy. 

It is important to remember that any set of exams is a very narrow measure of ability. Exams do not define you, or your individual qualities or strengths. 

Whatever your achievement, the Leaving Certificate is a stepping stone which may lead to a wide range of opportunities - including courses and further study, apprenticeships, work, travel and more besides.

Talking Makes Us Stronger

On results day and every day, it can always be helpful to talk about how you are feeling.

Is there a trusted adult you can talk with - perhaps a parent, a sibling, an aunt or uncle, a coach or someone else?

Childline is always here to listen to you and support you. You can contact Childline for free at any time by calling, chatting online or texting. 

Contact Childline

Childline is always here to listen and to support you. You can call Childline on 1800 66 66 66 (24 hours a day), text Childline on 50101 (10am – 4am every day) or chat with Childline online

Talking helps!


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