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A teenage boy clutches his heart with anxiety
Anxiety Anxiety is the word used to describe fear or worry which does not go away. Read Me
A teenage girl sits looks traumatised and afraid
Self-harm If you or someone you know is self-harming, or is thinking about self-harming, there… Read Me
a girl smiling with a butterfly on her nose
Feelings and Emotions Everyone experiences different feelings and emotions on different days and at… Read Me
A teenage girl looks distressed at a cafe
Suicide If you are feeling suicidal, or want to end your life, it's important to keep… Read Me
A young girl appears distressed looking at a weighing scales
Eating disorders An eating disorder is the term used to describe difficulties in eating and what… Read Me
A teenage girl walks away from a group of other teenagers who may be about to engage in illegal behaviour
Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking Taking drugs, drinking alcohol or smoking can seriously affect our physical and… Read Me