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Anxious when talking to others

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So in all your responses you leave a link for the live chat feature and where to call, but I get awful anxiety over calling people and I much prefer to text, I find it a lot easier for me. Do you have any services or recommendations for where I can anonymously text someone about my self harm and suicidal thoughts and the rest of all of my fucking problems. Thanks for listening, and thanks for making this website, it helps so many people I can’t thank you enough.


Hey there,
Thank you for trusting us with your feelings. It means a lot that you reached out. Dealing with self-harm and suicidal thoughts is tough, but you’re incredibly brave for seeking help.
We hear you about feeling anxious about making phone calls. Many people find texting much easier, and that’s completely ok. Childline Ireland offers a confidential messenger service that works just like texting. You can use it on your smartphone or any other device with internet access.
You can reach out to us at Childline by visiting our website at Once there, simply click on the purple chat icon, and you’ll be connected with someone who’s there to listen, support, and explore your options, no matter what time it is. We do not see your phone number or your IP address, so this is a confidential and anonymous service.
We’re here for you, anytime you need us, for any reason. You do not have to be alone in this journey,

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