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Anxiety makes my chest heavy

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My chest feels heavy with anxiety how do I make it go away 


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Thank you for choosing to open up to us here at Ask Alex. You have mentioned that your “chest feels heavy with anxiety, and wonder how you make it go away?” You have already started your path to relieving that weight by just putting your question out there, so well done for that brave step. 


We are so sorry to hear that you are struggling with anxiety but would like to say you are not alone. There are different things you can attempt and work through to find what will work best for you in this situation. How long have you had this feeling? Have you found that there is one thing that brings it on or is kind of always there?  


Anxiety is a response to a threat or danger. Some anxiety is normal and helps keep us safe (e.g., if encountering a snake) or prepared (e.g., reminds us to study for a test). Anxiety becomes a problem when it is more intense and lasts longer than befitting the situation and interferes with our ability to function in our daily lives. It is an overestimation of the danger and an underestimation of the ability to cope with the threat. With that in mind its time to start tackling it, challenge the anxious thought.  


Speak it out or write it down which ever is easiest for you and break down the anxious thought bit by bit (really dissect it) see what might happen but balance it with the actual likelihood of it happening or from experience. Try different breathing techniques where all your concentration goes onto the breaths and takes away from the anxious thoughts. However, it may be worth having a conversation with your G.P to discuss different outlets available to you. 


Sharing this information with your parents/carers can be a very useful tool to make them aware when you are having anxiety issues. They can support you through it and be more considerate over what things may trigger your anxiety and look at tackling those triggers with you. By sharing the load, it makes it easier to carry and when several minds and people are involved it can make approaching the issue easier because you are supported.  


If you feel you are not ready to discuss it with close family members then know that you can reach out to Childline. Childline’s website is and our free phone number is 1800 666 666, you can link via phone or Live Chat ( to go through what is happening; both are free and confidential services.   


Another option which may work for you is our Space from Anxiety programme. This is a free online CBT-based programme created by SilverCloud, a leading digital mental health provider. ISPCC provides three separate but complimentary Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing programmes, one of which is designed for teenagers experiencing anxiety and two are available to parents/carers of either anxious children or teens. Space from Anxiety is aimed at 14–18-year-olds, and it is designed to empower young people who experience low to moderate anxiety. You can make a self referral, go through your GP, CAHMS or through school. You can find more information on the ISPCC website on 


We hope that you found some of the above details useful and want you to have every support available for dealing with your anxiety. Know that you are not alone and continue to take those important steps towards feeling clam and relaxed in yourself.  


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