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To Pat / 15 May 2020

Age difference

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Hi Pat, Thanks for fantastic service I am just wondering if it is ok for a 17 year old male to be with a 20 year old female? Thanks

From Pat / 15 May 2020


Hi there,

You are very welcome to Ask Pat today. Many thanks for you kind words about our service.

You are asking is it okay for a 17 year old male to be with a 20 year old female.

While we would say there is no rule to say that this relationship is right or wrong, we would like you to know that the most important thing about being in a relationship is that both partners feel totally comfortable in the situation, that both feel happy and safe.

Another important part of being in a relationship is respecting each other.

You may find it helpful to talk to someone you feel comfortable with, be it a parent, teacher or relative, who would know you well enough, that could offer you some advice on this matter.

Our phone line is open 24 hours a day at 1800 66 66 66 and Childline is here to listen and support you if you would like to give us a call. Our service is free and we are non judgmental.

Alternatively, on this website we have a section for RELATIONSHIPS which is under the INFO AND ADVICE section, and you may find some useful tips here.

Hoping you find the above helpful and thank you for contacting us here at Ask Pat.

We wish you well.

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