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Can u access this from anywhere in the world?


Hey there!
It’s great that you’re reaching out with your question. We understand how important it is to have someone to talk to, no matter where you are in the world. It sounds like you’re looking for support and that’s really brave of you. 
We want to let you know that while Ask Alex is based in Ireland, and we can only offer our support services here, there might be similar services available in your country or state. Have you checked if there’s an equivalent service where you are? It’s worth exploring.
Even though our freephone service is only accessible in Ireland, you can still reach out to us through our webchat service. We can offer emotional support and possibly explore what options may be available to you. That service available 24/7, so you can chat with someone whenever you need to. Just visit and click on the purple Messenger circle to connect. 
Remember, you’re not alone, and it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. 
Look after yourself,

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